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Save time and increase profit with profit platform, monitor all fees, track sales and ads metrics, keep up with inventory.

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Grow your business with powerful analytics

Accurately track all your Amazon fees

  • Keep track of Amazon charges, extra costs, and key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Effortlessly grasp the intricate details of your Amazon profit and loss reports.

Analyze financial data by product level

  • Examine KPIs specific to your products.
  • Identify products with lower performance.
  • Channel your focus towards trends and refine your strategy.

Focus on your competitors

  • Easily track all your competitors on a single page.
  • Create strategies by analyzing your competitors and differentiate from them

Monitor your ads performance

  • Track your ads with metrics provided for products, campaigns, and account overall.
  • Elevate your advertising strategies with Amazon data.

Expand your arbitrage business

Track your competitors and their historical data in the Buy Box race, enabling you to devise optimal strategies for your products and increase profitability.

Keep your inventory in-stock

  • Take charge of your inventory with efficient and user-friendly inventory module.
  • Forecast, replenish, and never miss a sale with powerful inventory management Enter and track product costs, periodical or unit basis.

Enhance your Listings with AI and Review Analysis

Optimize your listings with AI-driven SEO Analyze competitors’ reviews and compare with your products.

Find your missed profit

Find out lost or damaged products and detect customers’ unreturned items on Amazon warehouses Claim these losses.

Never miss an alert

Get alerts for:

  • Unprofitable products
  • Products at risk of running out of stock
  • Products with high advertising expenditure

“Definitely useful”

When matching the reports on Amazon, the numbers didn’t match, the data was late, and it prevented me from analyzing profitability correctly. I approached the program hesitantly at first. I asked a lot of questions such as is the data accurate, how are the profitability calculations made, does it calculate product costs correctly, are the returns correct, etc. I experimented. As a result, I am very satisfied. I look forward to their next update

Michael Haverts – Ecommerce operation manager

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• 1 month free trial • Easy setup
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